LEI 1500 serials

  • BRAND: Lehighton
  • DESCRIPTION: Measured the sheet resistance of the Si wafer and compund semiconductor
  • Nation of Principal:U.S.A
    Product Application
    semiconductor, Compound
                                        semiconductor, solar cell

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1.  Non-contact measurement
2.  Big measurement range:0.035~3000 Ohm/Square and higher
3.  2"~8" wafers and flat panel
4.  Semi-auto or filly automatical
5.  mapping and up to 300 points
6.  2D contour mapping or 3D surface mapping
7.  Temperature compensation
8.  Auto calibration by software (VLSI)
9. Application as below:
• GaAs wafers (epi, annealed ion-implants on semiinsulating and some doped* substrates)
• Silicon wafers (bulk Si, epi, annealed ion-implants, and POCl3 doping uniformity on high resistivity substrates)
• Thin film metallizations